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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 10, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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state's assembly begins a vote on a revised republican measure that bans collective bargaining right for workers. have the democrats' attempts to block the bill failed? we'll speak to one of the senators who have left the state. welcome, i'm veronica de la cruz in for tamron hall. news in wisconsin's budget battle, police have removed dozens of protesters blocking access to the state assembly chamber, trying to prevent the assembly from giving final approval to a measure that strips most collective bargaining rights from public employees. all of this comes after republican state senators pushed through the measure, outmaneuvering counterparts who fled to illinois three weeks ago to prevent a vote. scott newel joins us live. i understand the assembly vote is under way ja delayed for 90
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minutes but it is under way. it was delayed, as you mentioned before, several protesters barricaded that area around the assembly chambers and they had been removed and the rules state here that you have to have the building open to the public before you can have a vote. that's what took the time, and that's why the delay. expected to pass easelly because the republicans have a large majority and governor walker will sign the bill. in fact, governor walker has made several comments about what he thinks the bill will do. let's take a lack at what he had to say. >> remainder of this year, it allows us save $30 million, which allows us to save 1500 jobs and for the next two years thereafter in the next budget, gives us at state level equivalent of $300 million of savings which allows us to save 5,000 to 6,000 jobs. >> reporter: now, dane county officials the local officials near madison, they said that they could file a legal
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challenge about how that senate vote was done. they say it did violate open meetings laws in the state. whether that have have any affe affect. even if they file that challenge and are successful they could do the procedure all over again. we'll should talk about democratic senators still out of state. they have said that they are going to return. they have said maybe tomorrow, maybe weekend, maybe after that. they're concerned about procedural rules that would lieu the vote to take place. they could be locked in the senate chamber there's in a vote could take place. they're going to wait this whole thing out. one other thing i should mention to you, as you can see, protesters here around me gathering, as the day goes on, they continue to grow in strength and also big rally is set on saturday with michael moore here. >> nbc's scott newell, thank you. joining me live, one of the 14 wisconsin state senators
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still in illinois. state senator chris larson joins us by phone. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> what will you and your 13 colleague illinois do now? will you return to wisconsin? >> we're focuses on what's happening in the assembly, making sure that process doesn't violate any more laws and looking to bring an injunction forward based on the fact we believe republicans violated open meetings law yesterday. we'll be letting the legal process carried out. we're watching what's going on in wisconsin and decide what's the best course of action. if any of us goes back early, they still have the -- they have voiced they're willing to do this -- to arrest us and drag us into the senate chambers in order to force a caucus and force through the bill against our will. so we're very conscious of that, which is why we remain in illinois. >> sir, you do believe that
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senate senate republicans did break the law in this case? >> yeah. i mean, it's open meetings laws very clear. you have to give notice 24 hours in advance. in this case it did not happen. personally, me and my colleagues are getting together to have another regular meeting when we heard this anountsmenouncement heard they were pushing this through, not giving us time to get back. it was clear they didn't want us to be there, they didn't want the public to be there. it follows an incredibly disturbing pattern where they cut off public hearing after 17 1/2 hours they shot down the legislative hot line. and they shut down the assembly debated and forced a vote at 1:00 in the morning and then shut down the capitol, not allowing people to have their voices heard or be seen in the
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capital. then they took over our offices and now this, with no notice they decided to jam the bill through. and it's affront to the democratic process and an affront to our freedom in wisconsin. >> as i speak to you now, you're still in illinois. what's next? what do you plan on doing? >> like i said, we're going to exhaust the legal process to what they did. i think when we left, we intended to bring attention to this bill and slow it down to make sure the people of wisconsin knew what the republicans were really up to. what was in this trojan horse bill. you know, we've achieved that, to an extent we never thought possible. everyone in the state knows it was an attack on workers' rights, there was no bid contracts for donors, hidden in there. there was politicization of positions, lawyers' positions as well as attack on medicaid, medicare, senior care, packed into the bill to the point where the governor and the senate majority lead have confessed. look this isn't about the
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budget. this is about politics. this is about the political gainsmanship, one upsmanship. we were able to achieve that and ewoke up the sleeping middle class to the democratic party and republican party in our state and who stands with workers and who stands with corporate interests. >> there's no doubt that people are watching this closely. state senator chris larson, we appreciate your time today. >> thank you so much. >> today on capitol hill, a controversial and at times emotional hearing. congressman peter king of new york called today's hearings to focus on what the government has called the radicalization in american muslims, something he calls a disturbing trend. >> there are realities we can't ignore. for instance, the pew poll, said 15% of muslim-american men between age of 18 and 29 could support suicide bombings. this is the segment of the community al qaeda is attempting to recruit. >> minnesota congressman keith
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elbarad ellison, a muslim himself. recounting the story of a muslim who died. >> a fellow american who gave his life for other americans. his life should not be identified as just a member of an ethnic group or just a member of a religion, but as an american who gave everything for his fellow americans. >> nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert joins us now live. congressman king has taken a lot of heat about today's hearing. what his he saying in his own defense? >> reporter: his argument is, look, there's a problem in this country with the radicalization of young american muslim males and it's not been addressed by congress, not looked at adequately in his view by the government, and he wants to have a real, as he says, conversation that would draw moderate muslims out against what they -- he views as extreme itch. he says this is going on way too long, that the poll you saw,
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there in the clip, 15% of muslim males between 18 and 29, you know, are tolerant to some degree of suicide bombing. and he says, in order for this to change, we have to move past where there's a fear of talking about this issue due to political correctness. democrats on the other side say, look, is radicalization about muslims in the country a problem? it certainly is but the optics of this type of hearing are wrong. one member i spoke to on this homeland security committee said, look, you do this hearing where you tie it in talking about other group whose have committed acted of terrorism against the united states. there is a lot of right wing militias, specifically ones in oklahoma city, we saw their power 15, 16 years ago. you can't say to one segment of the population, you're responsible for this violence. that's what you saw the debate going on in the commity today. it is an emotional issue on both sides. folks on right feel they're sticking up for the united states, saying they're trying to
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save -- keep everybody safe. folks on the democratic side saying we cannot go after one part of the population because it's un-american. >> joining us is the president of the center for study of islam and democracy. thanks so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> we watched pretty emotional testimony from congressman ellis. what has your impression been so far, after watching these hearings today? >> well, i think that was a very touching and moving testimony by your representative ellison. and i agree with him that we, as american-muslims welcome real dialogue and real debate about radicalization in america in general or islam in america in general. but tying radicalization with islam, i think, sends the wrong message. we also have concerns about congressman king himself because he has made several anti-islamic
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statements in the past, including a statement he made several years ago that there are too many mosques in america. so if congressman king was interested in real dialogue in a real debate, he should have invited the leaders and the representatives of the american-muslim community, not people who do not represent anybody except themselves. >> the president of the center for study of islam and democracy. we want to listen in to congressman peter king, who is speaking with reporters. >> i think the doctor, mr. bledsoe provided such an insight into the muslim-american community, the challenges that that community faces and in many ways how the worst victims, those who are worst victimized by the radicalization of the muslim-american community, by al qaeda, are the muslim-americans themselves especially in view of
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the lack of support they receive from the people and their leaders -- from the people in their community who should be the leaders. before i ask the witnesses to say a few word, i want to ask the congressmen if there's anything they want to add. >> the only thing i'd say is this is a follow-up to a hearing held four years ago in southern california when then jane harman, congresswoman and chairman of subcommittee, held a hearing on the radicalization of the prison population where we learned of the facts of radicalization and plots, at least a single plot in that case, located in southern california. frankly, we should have had these hearings before. for four years we haven't had anything like this. this is necessary to get facts out on the table and hear from members of the community as to what they go through when they want to raise the voice of moderation in the muslim community and the difficulties
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they have. i think the chairmen did a very good job of allowing them a pla platform to be heard. hopefully we can have other testimony and see what's appropriate to do to enable those in the muslim-american community to be able to stand for what they really believe in. and to know those of us in congress stand with them. >> congressman marino from pennsylvania. >> that was congressman peter king and obviously other republicans speaking out after the hearing. let's bring rodwan back a minute. listing to the republicans, they're saying that basically hearings were a success. what do you to say about that? >> no, i tend to disagree. i don't think they were very successful in the sense that i think it was mostly theatrical. we did not hear -- i mean the
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only testimony that i liked and found useful the testimony of sheriff bacca from los angeles who refutured the claims king made, the organizations were not cooperating with law enforcement. this is absolutely not true. sheriff bacca himself testified that american muslim leaders and american muslim organizations care deeply about this country and have been leading the effort to eradicate radicalization and to promote tolerance and promote a moderate interpretation of islam. the doctor that he brought is a muslim but he is unknown in the american muslim community and -- >> i have to interrupt you, i'm sorry. congressman king stepped in front of the mike again. let's listen to him for two seconds. >> thank you. doctor? >> thank you, chairman king.
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i hope, you know, what i gain from this, what we all should gain, this is the beginning of a conversation. we, as somebody that loves my faith, and i do this from an aspect of i really think there's nothing more pro-islamic or pro-muslim helping us getting through figuring out radicalization, it's not a final step, there's a process and we want to begin the process of healing that pathology that's in a mine north but needs a modernization and reform. this needs a national conversation. it needs platforms like this and others and needs political will to deal with it and needs a patient and understanding and thoughtful communication process that doesn't label anyone that discusses this as being islamaphobic. the vast majority want to deal with this but have not had the resources to do so. thank you for the opportunity.
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i hope this is the beginning of a national conversation. >> i want to thank you for commenting and give me an opportunity as well on this platform to talk to the american people and the world. i'm an ornadinary businessman a citizen but i don't understand why we have so much fear of talking about what is real. it is a real threat to america. as i said earlier today, it came into my house but is at your doorstep and we need to talk about it as the american people. if i could have reached out and saved one other child from what my son, what happened to my son what he went through, i think my trip to washington will very much worthwhile today. >> thank you. >> today's my happiest day for 2 1/2 years i've been demonstrating with loudspeakers,
2:16 pm
talking to people, door-knocking, to turn out more families families, empower them to ask for loved ones. that gave me, thanks to our chairman king and the committee, today i come to the chambers of the u.s. congress to speak for those mothers that were intimidated, lied to, and loved ones stolen. i think this will empower muslim americans in my corner, muslim americanists to come out easily and remove the fake leaderships that pressure them to silence and be quiet. today's victory for all of those seeking justice and the liberty, the right to speak up. thank you. >> any questions? >> do you have any plans
2:17 pm
inaudible. >> the fact is care was a major contributor. the fbi director ordered the members of the fbi not to deal with c.a.r.e., i hope by hearings such as this local law enforcement will realize the danger care represents and rather than taking c.a.r.e. handouts and reporting them, they would realize that this is a group that was named as unindicted co-conspirator and at least give them some of the analysis and critique that they give to people like me when i schedule a hearing. also hopefully as dr. jasser and mr. bihi said it will empower people in the muslim american community to realize they are not well served by c.a.r.e., they need lead to step forward, come to terms with the united states the way rank and file
2:18 pm
muslims do and not allow a group like c.a.r.e., an unindicted co-conspiracy to be -->> inaudible. >> today's hearing where we can reflect on whc.a.r.e. has done d not done. our hearing was educational. >> we have been listening to reaction following the peter king hearings on capitol hill. after the american muslim radicalization hearings that peter king has been conducting today, listening to some of the testimony from dr. jasser as well as melvin bledsoe and peter king himself. one of the witnesses saying he was happy and thought this was a victory because it empowered muslim americans to speak out. of course, lots of reaction there. we're going to be getting back to that later on in the hour.
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first, more news. police in new jersey investigating a 15-year-old boy for the group he allegedly created on facebook. it's called you pick. teens as young as 13 are putting up sexy pictures of themselves and members vote on who was hot and who was not. some pictures ended up on the site without permission. >> i was tagged in a photo one time where i didn't want to be tagged and people were commenting and saying mean stuff and i got offended and i asked to be removed. >> the boy believed to be the creator of the page goes to kearny until nmg. he hasn't been charged with a crime. the school won't say if they're taking disciplinary action. the facebook page has since been taken down. joining me to talk about this, nationally cinsyndicated talk h shoef show host michael smerconish, also an msnbc contributor. the teen being investigated hasn't been charged at this point. the school won't reveal what
2:20 pm
disciplinary action they're taking, if any. what punishment is warranted here? >> it's so easy for us to castigate kids who get wrapped up things like this today. dare i say, in pre-internet age i was involved in this type of shenanigans. internet has changed everything. and what young people don't realizing today is the permanence of their action. you touch that send key, it's out there forever. but let's not evaluate their conduct without taking into account some of the stupid things many of us did when we were that age. >> who is libel here, the parents, kids? do parents need to be more involved in kids' lives? >> every night at the dinner table it seems like every day there's one of these stories in the news where someone has acted badly with social media, it's a big part of the mantra of my wife and me, how we raise our kids. don't hit the send key, think before you act. there's only so much a parent can do.
2:21 pm
in the end, kids, they're going to on their own and accountable for a long, long time. if i did something stupid -- and i did plenty of stupid things -- and would last as long as somebody's memory but today it's out there forever. >> michael smerconish, thank you. gop leader says the resignation of npr's exec will stop them. who stands to lose if npr loses public funding. new develop. in the libya crisis. hillary clinton is going to meet with libyan opposition leaders. we're live with the latest. ♪ i have clients say it's really hard to save for the future and they've come to a point where it's overwhelming.
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>> dug churny accused of holding a former saleswoman captive as a sex slave, facing $252 million sexual harassment lawsuit. peter alexander joins us live. there have been legal developments in the case. >> that's right. we learned this new information today. a brooklyn supreme court judge put a temporary halt on this case in and ordered a hearing whether the suit should be shelved. this is about an alleged victim who claims her working relationship with the founder quickly became an obsession and then went way over the line. >> reporter: with its suggestive advertising campaigns, including those racy billboards showing plenty of skin, american apparel has long flaunted its provocative place in the fashion world. but former employee irene says for the company's ceo, sex was
2:26 pm
more than just a marketing tool. >> i don't want to be a victim anymore. >> reporter: in the sexual harassment lawsuit, she accuses him of being a sexual predator, she was held prisoner his apartment for several hours and forced to perform sexual acts. >> it's one thing to advertise sex. to sell mediterranean. it's another thing to subject an employee to abuse. >> reporter: morales says the 42-year-old approached her in 2007 when she was 17 and a high school student. flooding her phone with requests for explicit pictures and later forcing her to perform sex acts with him for eight months warning if she refused she'd be fired. >> i don't want to keep secret about this especially when i know there might be others out there like me who i can help. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news, american apparel said morales left the company without
2:27 pm
complaint and resigned with a letter of gratitude regarding her positive experience at the company. they accuse morales' lawyers trying to extort money from american apparel. saying charnny's status in the fashion industry is being publicly exploited. charnny faced several past secti section ooul sex harassment suits. >> i frequently drop my pants to show people my new product. >> reporter: none of the harassment cases every went to trial but charnny faces problems on the business side. since 2008, american apparel's stock value plummeted. and the company's dogged by persistent news reports about potential bankruptcy. >> morales says the alleged harassment drove her to have a nervous breakdown. she was hospitalized, she say and that's when she finally
2:28 pm
quit. she didn't do it earlier because she needed to keep the job. it was the support of doctors and lawyers that gave her support to go forward. morales bound by an agreement that all disputes would go to arbitration. this is not the first time he's dealt with charges like this. it's clear this isn't over any time soon. >> thanks. nice to see you, sir. i like your tie. it was back to court for lindsay lohan to answer charges of stealing an expensive necklace from a jewelry store. what happened and why the judge is getting angry. in today's gut check, new research finds many underaged drinkers are getting alcohol from their parents. does that make it okay? a look at both sides next. at as l% plus, get the best deal or we'll pay you $1,000. call lending tree at... today. time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze.
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driving them out of a key oil port, while the u.s. backs away from using military action against the regime. newt gingrich, a possible contender for the white house, reveal what led him to having an extramarital affair. and the hits just keep coming for charlie sheen. he is launching yet another lawsuit. bullying the subject of a white house summit today. president obama and the first lady met with students, parents, teachers and others to talk about ways to prevent bullying. a growing problem that can have deadly results. among those attending the summit, a teacher at south hadley high school in massachusetts, where 15-year-old phoebe prince attended class before a group of bullies drove her to suicide. on msnbc, a couple of hours ago, teachers talked about what today's summit accomplished. >> i think what today proved is that what happened in south hadley can happen anywhere and it brought together where tragedies have happened all over and it's not just particular to
2:33 pm
our community that bullying is pervasive and it's going to abdults that have to come forward and make changes. >> nbc's mike viqueira joins us live from the white house. i understand the president shared his own experience with being bullied. >> reporter: it's very interesting. an interesting venue. a high-profile, with both the president and first lady michelle obama engaged in the summit at the white house today. the theme, name-calling, harassment, mental and first cal, ostracizization, cyberbullying, it's not harmless. to bring attention to the issue, they pulled out all of the stops here. first an oval office photo op not just with the president but first lady michelle obama. a session in the east room where the first couple appeared, breakout sessions, even a webcast to talk about an issue that the president says affects one-third of all schoolchildren. back in the east room he dropped
2:34 pm
a bomb 0 his own, talked about his own experiences. let's listen. >> we all remember what it was like to see kids picked on in the hallways or in the schoolyard, and i have to say, with big ears and the name that i have, i wasn't immune. i didn't emerge unscathed. >> reporter: so this is all part of the president's push this month, the theme education. he's made a number of trips to talk about the need for his new program to replace no child left behind. he is also got a number of series of events over the course of this week. why is bullying a part of this? he says bullying can help bring down grades and lower performance in schools across the nation. >> nbc's mike viqueira. nice to see you. thanks so much. the united states today suspended relations with a lib ran embassy in washington. as colonel gadhafi's regime is driving rebel force as way from the country's capital. rebels in ras lanuf and zawiyah,
2:35 pm
as nato allies weigh options to contain the bloodshed. robert gates has agreed in a draft report to tighten sapgss on libya while hillary clinton announced she will travel to tunisia and egypt next week to meet with libyan opposition leaders. she shot down the option of a o no-fly zone as quick fix. >> we had a no-fly zone over iraq, it did not prevent hussein from slaughtering people on the ground. we had a no-fly zone and 78 days of bombing in serbia. it did not get milosevic out of office. >> nbc's jim maceda joins us live from tripoli with the latest. >> reporter: hi, veronica. the latest, another day of steady shift in favor of -- i'm i almost said hussein -- in favor of gadhafi's forces and we saw it today. by air, by sea now, with war
2:36 pm
ships and by the ground, massive bombardments, rockets, bombs hitting, as you say, ras lanuf, also brega, which means that those pro-gadhafi forces are moving now away from us in the capital and moving ever more eastward. and not slowly, either. look at a map, over the past couple of days, taking the fact that two days ago these forces were in benjada and today brega and ras lanuf. talking of 80 miles shifting that front line. gadhafi knows he has ground forces, the assets, the troops, probably 100 times more than the 1,000 or so rebel fighters and he has materiel as well, listening to his son this evening saying we will not surrender. we live here, we die here. we're calling for all-out war. you've got to believe his words. >> jim maceda live in tripoli.
2:37 pm
a deadly earthquake in southwest china tops stories. 5.4 magnitude quake struck in the early afternoon and killed at least 24 people. more than 200 others injured when builds collapsed. emergency and rescue workers searching for victims trapped in the rubble. federal grand jury indicted 14 pirates for murdering two american couples on a yacht off the coast of africa last month. charged with piracy, kidnapping, conspiracy possession of firearms. the group seized the yacht and killed the four americans while negotiating with the fbi. ohio death row inmate reportedly confessed to his crime. prison officials in lucasville say he admitted during a lie detector test he shot and killed a south korean store owner in 1994. he's scheduled to die by lethal injection next week. we would like to clarify something reported earlier during the coverage of the wisconsin union fight. we said michael moor will be
2:38 pm
going to madison and it turns out he will not be attending. the gop's moving full speed ahead to defund public broadcasting. if the campaign is successful and federal money withheld, smaller public stations may feel the pinch. patrick butler joins us live from washington. mr. butler, thank you so much for joining us. >> hi, veronica. >> i want to ask you, sir, your thoughts regarding vivian shiller stepping down in the wake of the video sting? was it politically necessary? >> well, i thought it was a tragedy that vivian had to step down. she's done a wonderful job running npr for the past two yearses, increasing coverage, audience, and strengthening their finances. but this is a political environment that we're living in and i'm afraid that the events of the last few days and few months just overwhelmed the process. >> so you do feel that if the
2:39 pm
gop's successful in blocking federal funding this really will hurt npr at a national level? >> it will hurt not only npr, which has done great work in covering the egypt and libya and international crises of late, but also providing national and local coverage to stations around the country. it will hurt public television in a very substantial way. and the system that we built over the last 40 years providing educational television, cultural television and news and public affairs that people trust more than anybody else on the air, will all just disappear. >> so break those down for us. how much funding do these stations get from the federal government, and how will these stations survive if the funding is taken away? >> almost 90% of the funding that comes through the corporation for public broadcasting goes to local, television and radio stations in the public broadcasting system.
2:40 pm
if that fund goes away, many of these stations will go dark immediately and even the larger stations, which might survive a bit longer without federal funding, will find that without the programming fees and other resources that come from the local stations for their programming, they, too, will find it very difficult to survive in the long run. >> patrick butler, president of the association of public television. thank you for joining us. big changes coming to broadway's most expensive show ever. coming up, the scoop on the major overhaul for "spider-man." first a lot going on today. some of the thens that we thought you should know. newt gingrich says working too hard for his country led to an extra marital affair. in an interview with a christian broadcasting network, there is no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately i felt about this country that i worked far too
2:41 pm
hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate. considering a run for 2012. the movie based on john heldman's book that followed the 2000 8 -- 2008 presidential campaign. warm reception in the town hall. a woman called him sexy. take a listen. >> i think having a governor that is smart, has the perseverance to do what is right is hot and sexy. >> you know, let me -- let me just say that i'm going to ask you, before you leave here, to write a note to my wife. >> hot and sexy. christie and miswife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary tuesday. christie jokingly said that
2:42 pm
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2:46 pm
disappointing jobs numbers out today. the number of people filing for first-time unemployment claims rose by 26,000 last week. that's after the prior week's data showed a huge improvement with total claims falling to almost three-year low. as of now, 397,000 people are receiving benefits. on the home front, foreclosure filings hit a three-year low last month but don't get too excited yet. the reduction has to do with processing delays. loan servers are facing legal hurdles that are clogging up the system. new developments in the charlie sheen saga. high profile departure from broadway's most expensive show ever and lindsay lohan and mel gibson head to court. courtney hazlett, start with the sheen machine. people can hardly wait for more charlie sheen. >> one of the days the discussion has moved forward now is talks about who's going to replace charlie sheen. well you can knock rob lowe off
2:47 pm
the risk, michael shore shot down that dwlad ridea that rob e leaving because he has several years on his contract. >> sheen said i give rob lowe a thumbs up. >> charlie thought rob lowe -- >> why does everybody feel his phone number? >> it's the thing to do right now. he thought it was a great idea. but oh well, not going to happen. who might step? john stamos, rumored to be a possible replacement. in other sheen news, internship that he put out there, he tweeted that he was accepting a new intern, more than 74,000 people applied to do that there you signed up, courtney. i did too. >> i think my mom would be disappointed if i signed up. i choose to believe people are doing it out of couriosity. just today, sheen has filed a lawsuit himself and on behalf of
2:48 pm
the cast and crew of "two and a half men" against warner bros. alleging $100 million lawsuit saying he was wrongfully terminated. >> i thought he was going to sue for bazillions. >> hundred millions. about the same thing. more to come tonight that front. >> waiting with bated breath. "spider-man" has had lots of problems, the broadway show. >> last night 7:30 p.m. eastern time a decision was made of the fate of julie taye more, the director-she's no longer the head 0 the creative team. no longer the only director of the show. they've brought on several more people to tweak the script, work on the sound effects, work on every aspect of this production. speaking with someone in the -- close to the cast and telling me, this is like bringing in a relief pitcher in the seventh or eighth inning. that first pitcher still gets credit for the one but they need
2:49 pm
extra bolstering to get the show to go off without a hitch. last night the green goblin got stuck while dangling over the theater. so obviously there are a lot of kinks to be worked out. >> they've had so many problems. >> you worry about the audience. these are the people who are unprotected. you're not going in there signing a waiver saying whatever happens you're cool with. >> aaron,en allegedly consulted. >> they might have asked him to step in. he respectfully declined, not his sort of thing. they've brought in a person who has worked a lot on spider-man comics to give the show a reworking in the script, too. i wish i had been seeing it every week because i'd love it see how each show has changed. >> crazy. i understand you also have news from lindsay lohan, mel gibson. come on, weave done charlie
2:50 pm
sheen. got to get the other two in. >> lindsay lohan in court. the judge has given her more time to consider the plea deal in this case of the $2500 necklace that she allegedly stole. new deadline for deciding what she's going to do is march 25th. and the case of mel gibson, expecting him in court tomorrow to issue a plea deal -- plead no contest to domestic violence charges, avoid jail time and have to do therapy. >> lindsay lohan i understand that necklace is up for auction and you've bid on it. >> so far, i've applied to be charlie sheen's intern, i've been on lindsay lohan's auction. >> your mom is calling. >> i've not bid on her necklace, but, it is true, it's up for auction, money will be donated to charity. the store owners who gave the license to the surveillance tape. >> your mom is holding on line three. she wanted to have a word with you. courtney hazlett, good to see you. for the latest entertainment news, you can also be a fan of the
2:51 pm
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constipated? phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
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time for today's "news nation" gut check. should parent as how underage kids to drink alcohol at home to teach them to drink responsibly? some parents allow their teens to have wine or beer at home occasionally figuring kids who drink with their family may be less likely to binge on their own. some argue parents who allow it are sending an irresponsible message. a recent government survey finds 6% of 12 to 14-year-olds drank alcohol in the previous month. 45% of them said they got the alcohol at home with 16% saying a parent or guardian gave it to
2:55 pm
them. some parents think it's inevitable teens will experiment with alcohol and worry a mess amount of abstinence doesn't stand a chance in ads glamouring drinking. by the time they turn 21, 86% alcohol. should parent as how teenagers to drink at home as a way to teach them to drink responsibly? go to to vote. yesterday's gut check, should being gay be a reason to be excused from jury duty because the person claims to be a second-class citizen in 82% said yes. just 18% said no. that does it for this edition of "news nation." martin bashir is up next. i'll be joining imduring that hour as well. thanks for joining us on "news nation." ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪
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thursday, march 10th. here's what we're following. bullied. the father of phoebe prince speaks out for the first time. >> leave our daughter alone! as the white house convenes a conference on bullying, one father shares the pain, the loss, the heartache that time has not healed. and an exclusive interview coming up battle lines. protesters removed from wisconsin's state capitol as republicans you their late night end-around will stick. and decisions, decisions. lindsay lohan faces a new day in court on grand theft charges. will she accept a plea to avoid a lengthy stay in jail? the president and first lady have put the issue of bullying front and center by hosting a conference at the white house today. students, parents and, teache


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